Research platforms

Breathing Soft Social Robot

Troels Aske Klausen, Ulrich Farhadi, Evgenios Vlachos, Jonas Jørgensen

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Bjarke Larsen, Poramate Manoonpong & Jonas Jørgensen

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AuSoRoS (Augmenting Soft Robotics with Sound)

Mads Bering Christiansen & Jonas Jørgensen

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HRI Tentacle Platform

Research platform designed to explore human interaction with a soft tentacle design

More info: here , herehere , and here

Evolutionary Soft Robotics: Knifefish Platform

Platform developed for an experiment on evolving the most optimal swimming behavior directly in the physical system and to compare the evolved undulation pattern’s similarity with the actual swimming behaviors of knifefish. (Developed together with Frank Veenstra).

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