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Jonas Jørgensen is Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

He is formally trained as a physicist (BSc) and an art historian (BA, MA) at Copenhagen University and Columbia University (New York). He did his PhD on soft robot aesthetics at the IT University of Copenhagen as a member of the Robotics Evolution and Art Lab (REAL). Jonas is currently involved in establishing a new research center for soft robotics under the SDU Biorobotics section at the Univ. of Southern Denmark.

Jonas’ writings have appeared in a number of peer-reviewed and popular outlets including edited volumes, artist monographs, exhibition catalogues, art pedagogical journals, and conference proceedings. He has given lectures, presented papers, and organized workshops related to his research on soft robotics and robotic art at a number of international conferences and festivals including MediaArtHistories, ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation), HRI (ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction), ISEA, Pixelache, MOCO (Movement Computing), Aesthetics of the Posthuman, and Politics of the Machines (EVA Copenhagen). His collaborative art projects have been exhibited at international institutions including Chronus Art Center (Shanghai, China), Science Gallery Dublin, Forum Box (Helsinki, Finland), Kunsthal Grenland (Porsgrunn, Norway), and Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Prior to becoming an academic researcher, Jonas received theoretical and practical pedagogical training and worked as a certified high school teacher for three years. He has taught classes and courses at high school and university level on a range of subjects including physics, fine arts and media arts practice, art history, digital aesthetics, and robotics.



Curriculum vitae

CV (updated May 15 2020)


Downloadable press portraits

Photo: Martin Nedergaard Møller
+Simon's billede-cropped
Photo: Simon Asger Gjerløv-Christensen
Photo: Martin Nedergaard Møller
Photo: Martin Nedergaard Møller
+IMG_0303 copy
Photo: Andres Faina
Photo: Andres Faina
Jonas Jørgensen
Photo: Vibeke Arildsen


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